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Made a video

I tried it out. I like the idea behind player movement and fixed camera angles, however going from locked character perspective to fixed camera angles was jarring. The enemies were a fun twist on zombie/monsters you'd see from silent hill games. I ran into an issue where the monsters would just run through all the walls though. The smash attack did nothing, and I think I completed the demo by using the mirror on the monster but couldn't really tell if I actually did anything. I can see great potential in this if you keep working on it!

Hi SnootySnootGames. Thanks for trying out our game. Indeed, there is some difficulty when switching camera angles. I think if we can fine tune it a bit more and get it just right it will feel more balanced while remaining challenging. We drew inspiration from original psone horror games which tended to have a additional layer of challenge caused by fixed camera angles.

The monsters run through the walls as we did not have time to train the AI to path around walls. We will be focusing on that for the Halloween update, though.

Thank you for the feedback! :)

I gave the game a shot and while it was ok, there are places the game could improve on. Mainly fixed camera placements. Besides that, it's an interesting idea for a horror game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Hey Levont! Thanks so much for playing our game. I really enjoyed watching your video. Also, thank you for the feedback, we will use it to improve the game.

Planning an update for Halloween time this year. It will include the rest of the town outside the house and expanded gameplay.

good creepy

Thanks so much for playing and thank for you making the video, I really enjoyed watching it!

this project is nice