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Played the game, here are my thoughts:

- The idea is fun, silly, and perfect for an arcade game, while also being fairly fresh.

- The collision detection is occasionally wonky, there were some issues when it comes to dismounting the elevator, often requiring you jump.

- The tenants are frustrating as obstacles; you can't do much to avoid/deter them; the roofs aren't tall enough to jump over them, but the movement patterns between the different tenants won't let you move between floors

- Sometimes you can get caught between a tenant and a wall, creating a brief-but-annoying loop of getting stunned over and over again. Maybe making the tenants turn around after touching you would help?

Overall, the premise is very interesting, but it needs refinement.

Hey Prismatic. Thank you for playing our game and thanks for the feedback! I appreciate you taking the time.

Glad you like the premise! :) I've just updated the game with some bug fixes for collision.