A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You're stuck deep behind enemy lines in Vietnam during the war. Escape the hot zone with limited resources. Avoid starving to death by finding and eating rations. Bullets are extremely limited. 


  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot. The rest of the controls are displayed on an overlay before the game starts.
  • Press and hold Left CTRL on the keyboard to see the controls overlay again. 
  • They're also in a screenshot on the right.

Made as part of The Pig Squad 9th Year Anniversary Game Jam.


  • Aim Diab
  • Glenn Macdonald
  • Michael Marney-Brusstar
  • Additional Art by Serina Malec


Deep_Jungle_WINDOWS.zip 29 MB
Deep_Jungle_MACOSX.app.zip 30 MB
Deep_Jungle_Linux.zip 30 MB

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