A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Our entry to the 4th Extra Credits Game Jam.

  • Kick blocks in this rowdy and fun co-op game about hats and blocks. 
  • Exploding blocks! Match 3 and they explode. Explosions hurt. 
  • So do kicks. Kick and explode blocks into your opponents until you are the last legend standing.

Up to 4 players, Xbox 360 controllers recommended, though you can re-map the input to whichever gamepads you use.



  • Player 1 : WASD and F, G for kicks.
  • Player 2 : Arrow Keys and , and . for kicks.
  • R to reset the game.
  • ESC to close the game.

Controllers (Xbox 360/One):

  • A to jump.
  • X to kick horizontally.
  • Y to kick vertically.


  • Glenn Macdonald (Programming, Design)
  • Michael Marney-Brusstar (Design, Programming, Sound Design)
  • Aim Diab (Design, Programming, Art & Animation, Sound Design)
  • Serina Malec (Art)

About the game:

We wanted to combine a puzzle-type game with a different game type. Our inspiration was drawn from Tetris, Connect 4, Bejeweled, Towerfall and Super Smash Bros.

All assets were made within the game jam including Music and SFX.


HatsNBlocks_WINDOWS.zip 12 MB
HatsNBlocks_MACOSX.app.zip 16 MB
HatsNBlocks_LINUX.zip 15 MB

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