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I was driving down the road and the soundtrack to Knights of Badassdom came on. With its charming medieval soundtrack consisting of power metal combined with more traditional medieval elements like bagpipes, pan flutes and tambourines :D I was suddenly inspired to make a medieval game, but METAL af!!! 

I even bought a tambourine, you guys!

1-4 players. Xbox 360 controllers or other PC joypads. Or 1-2 players with a keyboard.

Joypad Controls: 

  • Left analog stick for movement and menu selection. 
  • A button to attack, lock-in character (character select screen)
  • X button  to cancel character lock-in (character select screen)

Keyboard Controls:

  • Player 1 :  WASD for movement, F to attack/lock-in character, G to cancel character lock-in (character select screen)
  • Player 2: Arrow keys for movement, < to attack/lock-in character, > to cancel character lock-in (character select screen)
  • Commands: R to reset level, O to return to character select

This is game 3 of 12 that I'm making this year (2018) as part of my 12 games a year game jam challenge. My best friend Michael Marney-Brusstar is joining me on this challenge.

Art, Animation, Programming, Game and Level Design by Aim Diab.

Music, Sound Design, Level Design and Additional Art by Michael Marney-Brusstar.

Additional Art by Ryan McConnell.

Programming Consultant & Guru: Glenn "G-DOG" Macdonald

If you like the game, I'd love to hear from you. Please comment below or contact me through my website: www.AimDiab.com

Thanks for checking out our game, and enjoy!

Install instructions

Just unzip and double click. No installation necessary!


METALmarch_win_release.zip 23 MB
METALmarch_mac_release.zip 27 MB

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