A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

So I decided to participate last minute. I started 3 hours before the end of the jam. Unfortunately I was busy with work through half the weekend, wish I had more time; but I'm proud of what I was able to put together in just 3 hours.

Its a combination of a racing game and a point and click game, so instead of having keyboard controls for your "race car"" (which is a cube, haha), you point and click and the car goes there.

Programming, design, and music by Aim Diab (me)
Trees - speed tree free bundle (I wanted to play around with it anyways)

Install instructions

Unzip and double click. No installation required!


LD41_Mouse_Racer_source.zip 196 MB
LD41_mouse_racer_win_jam_end.zip 27 MB
LD41_mouse_racer_mac_jam_end.zip 34 MB

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