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Felt like making something really basic this month. An Atari-style retro dungeon crawler where the only win condition is trying to get the most gnarly high score possible. 3 lives and it's Game Over.

Controls are: 

  • Arrow keys for movement.
  • Spacebar while holding a specific arrow key to attack in that direction. You cannot attack diagonally.

This is game 2 of 12 that I'm making this year (2018) as part of my 12 games a year game jam challenge. My best friend Michael Marney-Brusstar is joining me on this challenge.

Art, programming and level design by Michael Marney-Brusstar.

Music, sound design, technical direction, additional programming and level design by Aim Diab.

If you like the game, I'd love to hear from you. Please comment below or contact me through my website: www.AimDiab.com

Thanks for checking out our game, and enjoy!

Install instructions

Just unzip and launch the .exe for the Windows version. No installation required.


questofdoom-jam-plus1.app.zip 16 MB
quest_of_doom_win_release.zip 12 MB

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