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Help Red infiltrate a corporate building and redistribute wealth in this cyberpunk stealth hacking game. This was made for the "Make a Programming Game" game jam. It was made in roughly 6 weeks. It features semi-realistic hacking mechanics and lots of neon lights.


  • WASD for movement
  • SPACE to jump
  • E to interact with a terminal (in game computer)
  • ESC or END to exit a terminal
  • Left Mouse Button to shoot
  • ALT + F4 to close the entire game


  • The terminal (in game computer) displays help on available commands when you type help (and then enter) or anything other than a valid command.
  • "cd .." is the command to go back up a directory (to the parent directory)
  • Other characters will contact you, initiating dialogue events. The dialogue events may contain important hints including what command to run on the final terminal of the game.


  • Aim Diab (Programming, Visual Art, Sound Design, Game and Level Design)
  • Serina Malec (Character Illustration)
  • Michael Marney-Brusstar

Special Thanks:

  • Glenn Macdonald (for C++ help)
  • Dougem Medhen (for Unreal Engine 4 help)

Additional Credits:

  • Kevin MacLeod - For royalty free music tracks.

Known Bugs:

  • FIXED: The lazers knock you back sometimes which can knock you off the map causing you to fall forever. 
  • FIXED: Deleting an entire folder can cause you to be unable to access its contents for the rest of the session. 
  • You can navigate into a file. You can still navigate back out with "cd ..", so this one doesn't break the game.

Please leave any additional bugs you find in the comments below so we can fix them on the next build.

Thanks for playing!

Install instructions

Download, unzip and double click the .exe file. Should launch with no problems, but if you run into any please contact me and I'll try and help.


RedSiliconGame.zip 666 MB
RedSiliconGame_postjam_bugfixes.zip 676 MB

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