A simple game that you can use to learn a few of the major and minor scales used commonly in music. As a guitarist, I've had some trouble memorizing the formulas, key signatures and patterns as well as notes for each scale so I wanted to make a game that would help me memorize them. 

When I pitched the idea to Glenn, he felt exactly the same. We agreed we were both too lazy to sit down and study music theory with books so we decided to make it a game. :)

Push the Note Stones into the correct slots to make the 7 notes of the musical scale of the level.


  • WASD for movement
  • SPACE to play to a Note Stone while standing next to it
  • ESC - Back to level select
  • SPACE/ENTER to select inside the menus
  • WASD or ARROWS to navigate inside the menus


  • Aim Diab
  • Glenn Macdonald


rock_star_musical_scale_simulator_WINDOWS.zip 18 MB
rock_star_musical_scale_simulator_MACOSX.zip 20 MB
rock_star_musical_scale_simulator_LINUX.zip 21 MB

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