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A local lounge singer is the latest in a string of unexplained missing persons cases plaguing a neighborhood in New York City in the year 1920. An ex-cop turned private eye is called to help his old partner solve the case.

This is Chapter 1 of The Disappearance of Eleanor. It is game 1 of 12 games I'm making this year (2018) as part of my 12 games a year game jam challenge. My best friend Michael Marney-Brusstar is joining me on this challenge.

Art, programming, level design, narrative design and game design by Aim Diab (me)

Music, sound design, and additional game design by Michael Marney-Brusstar

Programming Consultation Guru: Glenn Macdonald

Missy's songs: (Public domain)

Annette Hanshaw – “Ain’t He Sweet”
Annette Hanshaw – “Body And Soul”

Background music:

Original composition by Michael Marney-Brusstar.

Character models and animation are the default Unity 5 "Ethan" model. I'm using them as placeholders as I didn't have time to create original ones in the scope of this jam.

If you like the game, I'd love to hear from you. Please comment below or contact me through my website: www.AimDiab.com

Thanks for checking out our game, and enjoy!


TheDisappearanceofEleanor-Chapter1.zip 19 MB
TheDisappearanceofEleanor-osx-release-16-9.app.zip 25 MB

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